Ithaca Hash House Harriers

Ithaca is Shiggy, and the Hashing Gorges

Welcome to the Ithaca Kennel of the Hash House Harriers.

Ithaca Hash Weekend: August 22–24, 2014.

Cum celebrate Ithaca's 15th Analversary Weekend!

Location of the Next Ithaca Trail

Hash #735: Friday, October 31st, 19:00 HST (Special Hash!)

Hares: Porcelain Goddess

Location: Chez Nurse and Brownie.

Details: FRIDAY OCTOBER 31st
7pm HST until the weeeeeeee(nie) hours
Start location: above 209 N. Aurora St
Theme: Drunken hashers in costume crawl through Ithaca on the best night of the year!

The Rave starts at Nurse & Brownie's place above Bool's Flower Shop around 7pm. There will be music. There will be food. There will be beer.
Trail will leave at 8:30pm HST for points unknown.
Yes you will need ID. Yes you will need a costume. No you will not need extra $ unless you want something other than beer.

Bring: $10 hash cash, ID, costume, beer you might drink at Brownie/Nurse's place, sleeping bag/pillow/mattress for slumber party overnighter
Leave: your dignity, your dog, your pjs

Trail will leave at 8:30pm HST. We return eventually when we have exhausted all fun or been arrested. You can join at any point in the night by texting the Hare. 607.342.1341.

Share with other kennels, virgins, your f*ck buddy. All are welcome as long as they are costumed!

On-f*cking on,